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Hello and welcome to the official website for

Mike Stuart Span and Leviathan.


It’s a bit strange for us to find that, four decades

after the group disbanded, there are some

dedicated people across the world* that still

enjoy and appreciate the material we produced

in the Sixties.


To those people we say many thanks for your loyalty,

obvious good taste – and where were you when we needed you?


Joking aside, we hope that this website will tell you all you need to know – and possibly a bit more. A good deal has been written about both groups over the years, some of it wildly inaccurate; which is why we start with the most authentic biography we’ve ever seen written about us. That’s because its author, David Wells, took the trouble to talk to us and check the facts before going into print.


You’ll also find a number of photographs that you may not have seen before and, for fans in Greece, later in February, a new vinyl LP vinyl will be issued on ANAZITISI Records ARLP 60-63F . The album sleeve has a great design and, even better, there a superb full-colour 16-page booklet inside. For those outside Greece, see their website  - http://www.anazitisirecords.com - email:  [email protected]

or write to Nikos Karathanassis,  PO BOX 54539, Nea Halkidona, 14302 Athens,  Greece


Read on and enjoy……….and don't forget to tell your friends.


Stuart, Brian, Gary and Roger

PS: We've heard of some people trying to request our material (including the Leviathan LP) to be played on BBC Radio 2's 'Sounds of the Sixties'.  If you'd like to try too, the email address is [email protected] Thanks.

MSS (Top Pops)